Seceuroglide Colour Chart

The entire range of Seceuroglide insulated roller garage doors are available in a wide selection of painted colours and laminated wood grain effect finishes to ensure the perfect match to your property. If you do not see the exact colour you are looking for, SWS also offer the Seceurglide door in any RAL or BS colour.

Seceuroglide Colour Chart

Please note that where specified, vision slats, bottom slats and guides may be a slightly different shade to the door curtain. This is due to the different techniques used in the manufacturing process. Colour matched guides in Anthracite, Light Grey, Silver Metallic, Ivory and Heritage green will be subject to a £34 surcharge.

Mahogany, Golden Oak and Rosewood doors will be supplied with brown vision slats (where required).

The Seceuroglide Medium Oak door will be supplied with a brown bottom slat and brown vision slats (where required).

Laminated wood grain effect doors are supplied with a matching bottom rail but the inside face of the door along with guides and endplates will be supplied in brown as standard.