Roller Doors - Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to be as comprehensive as is possible with this website but we also recognise that, with a major decision such as this, you are always going to have some questions. We are more than happy to answer any queries by phone or by email but, in order to save yourself some time, please first look at these frequently asked questions; you might find that the question you had has been on the minds on many of our satisfied customers before!

How far away from my roller garage door will the transmitter work?

As a general rule of thumb, the remote control should work up to a distance of around 30 metres however this will vary depending upon the amount of power in the battery. Please note we recommend that you only open your door automatically when you have a clear line of sight.

How long does the light on the control box stay on for?

A courtesy light which is housed within the control box and is activated during the opening and closing of the doors. It will remain active for approximately 60 seconds.

How much space will I need to fit my roller door?

The biggest concern space with a roller door is having the capacity to house and conceal the rolled up section of the door within the garage building. We have helpful guidelines for the minimum headroom clearance required (from the lowest point of the ceiling to the top of the opening) and these are, for domestic installation, as follows:

If you can’t meet these opening heights then a facia panel can be fitted however this will reduce the opening height of the door.

You will also need a sideroom clearance of 75mm for a single door and 150mm for a double door; if you’re having a motor fitted then you need to add a further 20mm to this.

If you’re having a garage fitted for commercial purposes then you need to make note of these minimum headroom clearance guidelines:

The necessary sideroom for commercial fittings is 150mm for industrial doors, 225mm at the side where the chain will be situated and, if you having a motor installed, you will need a further 20mm of space.

How often should I have my Gliderol roller door serviced?

All doors should be maintained and serviced in accordance with the manufactures guidelines. Please refer back to the guarantee page to see information regarding service frequency.

What happens if my remote control roller door closes and hits an immoveable obstruction?

Automatic doors are fitted with a safety device that will stop the movement the instant it comes into contact with something. It will then auto-reverse to free the object and prevent further damage or injury occurring.

What happens if someone in my street has a Glidermatic or Roll•a•matic operator, can they open my door?

Remote controls work on rolling code technology and as such will only operate the door to which they have been preset.

What happens if the power goes off and how do I operate the door?

Automatic roller doors are fitted with an internal manual release that enables the it to be operated by hand in the event of a power failure.

So there you have it, these are the questions which we get asked most often but, if you have any further questions which this page or the rest of the website has failed to cover then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.