Frequently Asked Questions

Please read some of the more frequently asked questions that we get asked from our customers. If you cannot find an answer to a particular question or query you may have, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to be of assistance.

How far away from the door will the remote transmitter work?

The distance from which the garage door can be operated using a remote control transmitter will vary depending upon a number of factors but should ideally be able to work from a distance of around 25-50 metres. This will obviously vary if the door is operated from inside a car or from inside a building etc. Also worth noting is the condition of the battery. A battery with little power may struggle to send a signal strong enough unless in close proximity to the door.

For safety reasons, we only recommend that any type of electric garage door be operated when a clear line of sight is available to prevent an potential injuries from occurring. Although fitted with force safety limitation devices, it is better to be safe than sorry when operating a garage door as they have the potential to kill if not correctly set up, installed and maintained.

What length of time does the courtesy light stay on for?

The majority of garage door motors feature some form of courtesy light to ensure the user does not need to enter a dark garage when operating the door. We supply a range of garage door operators that feature low energy lights and can be programmed to stay on for a specific period of time.

When to service my sectional garage door?

A correctly installed and maintained sectional garage door will provide years of trouble free operation however the length of time required between servicing will vary dependent upon the amount of use the door gets. As such, always follow the manufacturers guidelines.

Do you need to lock an electric sectional garage door?

The garage door motor will act as the long therefore keeping your garage space safe and secure.

What are the safety features on an automatic sectional garage door?

Garage door motors feature in built safety devices designed to protect the user from injuring themselves or causing damage to property. Should it come into contact with something or someone during operation the motor will stop the travel, reverse the door and then stop again.

Can I still access the garage in the event of a power failure?

In the event of a power failure, garage door motors feature a device called an internal manual release. The user simply pulls the release cord and the motor will detach its mechanism to allow for manual operation until such time as the power returns. Please note that unless you have an alternate entrance to the garage such as a side door then you will need to order an external manual release. This will then allow the user to detach the release mechanism on the motor from outside of the building.