Gliderol Single Skin Roller Doors - A Buyers Guide

What are Roller Garage Doors?

As a tried and tested design, a non insulated roller door is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of garage door due to the many benefits it offers over other types of physical security solution. Available in a range of styles, the standard door we offer is capable of providing security for openings up to 4900mm wide and heights of up to 3000mm. Also available is a more compact mini roller door that will provide security to openings up to 3350mm wide and 2135mm high.

Our preferred supplier for non insulated roller garage doors is Gliderol as they are able to manufacture them in made to measure sizes to ensure the perfect fit . Both variations are identical in appearance from the outside and are available in a choice of 16 classic colours that are sure to complement your existing properties colour scheme.

A Proven Space Saving Design

Simplistic in design, single skin roller doors are basically a continuous sheet of roll formed steel that coils around a drum wheel as the door opens. To aid operation of the door it incorporates a spring that is housed inside the drum wheel. Once the tension is correctly set, a garage roller is easily opened and closed by hand. This method of operation brings many benefits to the homeowner over other types of door and includes increased storage space inside the garage and the ability to park the car close to the door without the risk of it becoming damaged should you need to access the garage.

White Gliderol Single Skin Roller Door
Internal view of a Gliderol Single Skin Roller Shutter Garage Door


To secure a manual Gliderol roller door, a key operated lock engages dual locking bars that shoot into the vertical guides that are located safely inside the garage making it virtually impossible to lift the door. In addition to the locking bars, the door also features a reinforced bottom rail that has been designed to prevent it being forced from the bottom. Finally, as the door curtain overlaps the opening to be seated correctly in the guide runners, it is very difficult to force the curtain out of the side guides. Automatic roller doors do not need to be locked manually as the electric operator will act as the lock. Should someone try to force it open without using the remote control, the motor will engage to actively hold the door closed.


Where electric operation is required, roller garage doors can be supplied pre-fitted with an electric operator to enable the user to operate it at the touch of a button using the ergonomically designed mini- key fob transmitter.

Supplied with all Gliderol single skin roller doors are 2 x remotes along with a wall mounted control box that allows for push button operation from within the garage. For situations where the power fails, an automatic roller door features an internal manual release switch that will disengage the motor to allow manual operation of the door until such time as the power returns. To reengage the motor, you simply move the toggle switch back to the required position.

Please note this feature is only accessible from inside the garage. It is therefore essential that unless alternate access is available into the garage such as a side door then an external manual release will need to be specified at the time of ordering.

Safety is Paramount

The safe operation of garage door is paramount to Roller Doors Ltd.

As such, all the Gliderol garage doors we supply are manufactured in accordance with the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008. This legislation requires that automatic garage doors require force limitation to be present in order to prevent injury occurring. That is why the door is installed with a feature that will stop the door and reverse the door curtain should an object be detected. A feature on the control box allows the sensitivity to be adjusted to find that perfect level of safety for each individual user.

Years of Enjoyment

Another great benefit of a single skin roller door by Gliderol is the range of guarantees that are offered. As long as the door and or operators have been installed and maintained in the correct, the door finish is covered by a 10 year warranty, mechanical parts are guaranteed for 6 years and the motor is covered for a period of 2 years.

For more detailed information on Gliderol roller doors please visit our technical specification page on this website or click here to see the installation instructions.

Gliderol single skin steel roller door with a golden oak woodgrain finish.
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