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High Quality Garage Roller Doors for Sale at a Competitive Price

Within our range of physical security products we have a range of cheap roller garage doors for sale at some of the most competitive prices in the UK. Choose from leading manufacturers including Gliderol, SeceuroGlide and Birkdale to find the perfect garage door specification to suit your budget and you could be enjoying the many aesthetic and security benefits of a roller door for far less than you might think.

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  • Cheap roller garage doors with a golden oak laminated finish fitted to a triple garage.

    Find Quality & Affordable Roller Garage Door Designs Online

    If you are looking to buy a cheap garage door at a realistic price but do not want to compromise on quality, durability and reliability then we are guaranteed to be able to help. With all products made here in the UK to an industry leading standard, the option of manual or electric controls, a choice of colours and some excellent guarantees we have fast become one of the preferred suppliers for many homeowners, builders and property developers around the country.

    Take a look at our most popular options detailed below.

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  • cheap insulated roller doors in white fitted side by side within a large georgian style double garage.

    Why Buy a Roller Door?

    When it comes to making a decision about buying a new garage door there will be lots of options for you to choose from ranging from the traditional up and over through to the more modern sectional design. However, when it comes to providing the most benefits to the homeowner at the most affordable price a roller door will come out on top every time. Don`t believe us? Then take a look at some of the benefits detailed below.

  • Timeless design will suit any style of residential or commercial architecture.
  • Vertical lift operation saves space on the driveway and inside the garage.
  • Numerous colour option`s available at the same price as a standard white door.
  • Featuring minimal weak points they provide excellent levels of security.
  • Insulated doors provide thermal and acoustic performance helping to cut down on noise, heat loss and draughts.
  • Can be fitted in a number of positions (internally, externally or between the opening).
  • Suitable for DIY installation.
  • Requires minimal amounts of maintenance (compared to other forms of garage door).
  • Made to measure sizes at no extra cost (essential in order to provide the best level of security and aesthetic appeal).
  • Excellent manufacturer warranties.
  • Simple to operate and fully compliant with all safety legislation.
  • Cheap Roller Garage Door Options for any Property

    Regardless of whether you are nearing completion on a new build garage and funds have become tight or simply want a no-nonsense means of securing the internal contents of the building our range of cheap roller garage doors are an excellent choice. Featuring a simple horizontal ribbed profile the door will blend with virtually all kinds of UK architecture making them a great option regardless of its period. Additionally, with lots of colours to choose from including many popular painted and textured woodgrain finishes we are confident you will find the perfect solution to meet your needs whilst maintaining a very competitive price.

    Need help choosing the right door for your requirements? Simply call now on 0844 804 5577 or email and we will be pleased to offer any help and advice you might need.

    Birkdale anthracite grey insulated roller doors fitted to a white rendered double garage.

    Roller Doors Ltd – A Leading Supplier of Cheap Roller Garage Doors in the UK

    With a wealth of experience supplying affordable roller doors throughout the UK we are guaranteed to have the perfect door to suit your needs at a price you can afford. Made to order in bespoke sizes our products are transported to you direct from the manufacturer to ensure the fastest possible lead times. So whether you live in Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh or London we are confident we will have your part of the country covered should you wish to place an order with us.

    To find out more details about our superb range of cheap roller garage doors for sale at some of the most competitive prices online take a look at the pages detailed below.

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  • Confused about Ordering a new Garage Roller Door?

    Within our website we have compiled lots of useful information pages to help guide you through the ordering process so if you have any questions that might need answering, want to see a colour chart or need to know how much space you need to fit a roller door take a look at the help and advice pages detailed below. Alternatively call Roller Doors Ltd now on 0844 804 5577 or email your enquiry to

    /br> Dark green Birkdale insulated roller garage door fitted to detached brick built garage

    Important Information about Buying Cheap Roller Garage Doors Online – What our Competitors Don`t want you to Know!

    Whatever the reason may be that you need to fit a new garage door please understand that not all roller doors are made in the same way. Be aware that the industry is rife with what we like to refer to as “cheap imitations”. Something basically knocked up on site or cobbled together using components from a variety of sources.

    There are massive differences in the quality of the components used in the manufacture of these doors compared to the ones that come from major UK manufacturers such as Gliderol, Birkdale and SeceuroGlide.

    Don`t be fooled by slick marketing techniques and glossy images online. Simply because 2 products look identical in appearance it does not mean the will offer the same level of performance, security, durability and safety.

    Whilst we can guarantee that we never scrimp on quality can our competitors?

    If you have had a cheaper quote elsewhere go back to the company and ask the following questions and we bet none of them will be able to offer what we can!

    Where is the door made?

    Our roller garage doors are made in the UK. This means that not only have they been tested and approved to meet the relevant industry standard but it also means that should a part need replacing at some point in the future it will be very easy for you to get hold of it.

    What is the warranty period?

    Whilst this will differ from manufacturer to manufacture the minimum you should expect is a 5 year warranty on the motor and door finish. Anything less than this would indicate that cheap parts have been used which are often not really up to the job in the long term and should be avoided at all costs. Furthermore, if a competitor says they will give a 12 month warranty but will sell you an additional 10 year warranty alarm bells should ring and we recommend you run away faster than Usain Bolt doing the 100m sprint.

    What safety features come with the door?

    To comply with the relevant standards of the industry they should be able to prevent injury to the user through impact. For manual doors over a certain size this usually involves fitting a second spring so that in the event of the first one failing the curtain does not drop like a guillotine. In comparison, electric roller doors require further protection. This should be in the form of some kind of safety system that will stop the motor in the event it comes into contact with something during its opening a closing cycle.

    Our doors use either a force limitation device built into the motor or in the case of our insulated doors feature a wireless safety edge or wireless door monitoring system that are all fully compliant with the necessary industry standards.

    Please note – Photo cells alone are not an effective means of safety and do not conform to safety legislation.

    Finally, in some instances (normally where the area of the curtain exceeds 9m2) electric doors will need to be fitted with a safety brake or second spring. This will prevent the door dropping in a dangerous manner should a major component fail.

    Does the door run using remote control operation?

    If the door is being sold as remote control then check to see exactly what they mean by this. Our doors operate in both the up and down direction with a single press of the handset. In comparison some competitors expect the button on the remote to be physically held in position to keep the door moving which is a really inconvenient means of operation (and often something you only discover after you have installed it).

    Does a colour other than white increase the price?

    Our cheap roller doors come in a wide range of colours at the same price as a white door. The only time we charge extra for a finish is if it is a laminated woodgrain effect or a special RAL colour.

    Is there a Certificate of Conformity available to the homeowner?

    Where required we are able to supply a certificate of conformity to demonstrate that the door has been tested and approved to a given standard. If a competitor cannot provide this simply walk away no matter how cheap the price may be.

    Golden Oak Seceuroglide Insulated Roller Garage Door
    Seceuroglide roller internal view
    Roller Doors Ltd - Suppliers of Cheap Roller Garage Doors by Gliderol, SeceuroGlide & Birkdale