Made to Measure Garage Doors

Bespoke Garage Door Designs at a Price you can Afford

Here at Roller Doors Ltd we have a great range of made to measure garage doors for sale at some of the most competitive prices online. With the exception of our wooden garage doors all our other products are available to order in a bespoke size for no additional charge. This means that regardless of you opening size we are guaranteed to be able to offer you a garage door solution that will be the perfect fit to your requirements.

What`s so Important about the size of a Garage Door?

Due to the fact that not many pre existing garage openings will accommodate a standard size door, a lot of installers have previously had to modify a framework to make the door fit. In some instances where small adjustments to the frame is required the results are not noticeable however if there is an excessive amount of modification required then the installation can end up looking unsightly and unprofessional and can also lead to excessive amount of draughts entering the garage along with an easier route for water ingress.

What Garage Door Size do I Require?

The most common way customers fit a made to measure garage door is to the back face of the opening in what we refer to as an “internal face fixed” installation. This position proves very popular as all the tracking mechanism is within the garage and in most cases removes the need for a frame.

If you are considering installing one of our garage doors in this manner and have already checked that you have enough space to house the mechanism of the door type you have chosen then measuring the opening is very simple and should be done as follows;

Measure the structural opening width - When doing this we suggest you measure in at least 3 places to make sure the measurements remain constant.

Measure from the floor to the underside of the lintel – Measure in 3 places to check for consistency of measurements.

For more information on the space requirements for a variety of garage door designs please refer to our technical advice page or contact us us with your sizes and we will be happy to check you have the required space to install the door of your choice.

Made to Measure - What`s all the Fuss About?

In addition to the previously mentioned aesthetic benefits of have a properly fitting garage door there are also a whole host other reasons you should not underestimate the importance of getting the correct fit.

  • Provides a better level of security
  • Vertical lift design saves space both inside and outside the garage
  • Available in modern and traditional designs to enhance the appearance of your garage
  • Choose from many popular colours and modern laminated wood grain finishes to create the perfect match to your homes existing windows and doors
  • Our made to measure insulated sectional garage doors and insulated roller doors offer thermal and acoustic performance and help to increase security by increasing rigidity.
  • Garage doors are available in manual and electric operation to suit your budget
  • Cuts down on heat loss which can help to reduce household running costs.
  • Creates a dry and secure environment in which to store vehicles, bikes and other expensive machinery and equipment.
  • Roller Doors Ltd – Here to help with your Made to Measure Garage Door Needs

    Whether you need to get a quote or have a technical question you would like answering prior to placing an order we are on hand to provide support. With all members of staff having excellent levels of product knowledge we can offer the following.

  • A non biased opinion of the best garage door design to suit your needs
  • Technical drawings
  • We can work the size out for you using a few basic dimensions you provide
  • Provide details of space requirements for a particular door type (the helps greatly with new build garages as it makes the installation process far easier when the time comes to fit the door).

  • Find out more details about or range of made to measure doors by clicking the links detailed below or to obtain a no obligation competitive quote feel free to contact us now and we will be happy to help.

  • Sectional Garage Doors
  • Single Skin Roller Doors
  • Insulated Roller Garage Doors
  • Roller Shutters

  • So whether you are a homeowner wanting to fit the door on a DIY basis, a tradesmen looking to install the door as part of a small project or a house builder looking to order a large number of doors for a new build development simply get in touch today and we will do our very best to answer your questions, listen to your concerns and provide easy to understand advice and solutions to your problems.