Roller Garage Door Prices

Why do Roller Doors Vary so much in Price?

If you are looking to replace an old garage door and have an interest in a vertical lift design then you will no doubt have noticed that roller garage door prices vary dramatically, buy why is this? Here we take a closer look.

SeceuroGlide Excel Secured By Design Garage Door
Seceuroglide Excel fitted to detached garage

Cheap Electric Roller Doors are Made of Poor Quality of Components

A cheap roller garage door will have been made using inferior quality components and electrical parts. It will only be a matter of time before they start causing problems for the user or indeed fail. Replacement parts may not be available within the UK, which the end result may be that you require a new door, at more expense.

Ordering Based on Price alone can Result in Buying Twice!

When considering buying new roller garage doors, it is not advised to buy on the cheap. As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. Take your time to look at what is available. Look for a reputable retailer to supply your new garage door. Ask questions to find out more about the products that are on offer.

The Cheapest Garage Doors Come with Poor Guarantees

You want to be looking at the guarantees that you are going to be supplied with. It is normal to expect at least a 2 year warranty on a motor and a 5 year warranty on a door finish. When it comes to automation the market leaders are Somfy, NRG and SeceuroDrive. Their failure rate is almost never heard of.

Seceuroglide classic choice of remote controls

Compliant Safety Features Should Form a Critical Part of the Design

Each year, a number of people are killed by their garage door which has either failed or been incorrectly installed. As such you should always check what safety features are going to be supplied with an electric roller garage door. A photo cell alone is not UK compliant and if this is the only safety feature supplied with a garage door, is a potential threat to a person’s life. A bottom rail safety edge is compliant with UK law. If the edge of if it comes into contact with anyone or anything the motor will stop and then reverse away from the obstruction. .

The Quality of the Insulated Aluminium Lath Effects Strength, Durability and Thermal Performance of a Roller Garage Door

Insulated roller doors can often have an even bigger difference when it comes to price. There can be many variations in the amount of insulation that the door is providing. For a domestic garage door nothing less than foam filled 77mm lath is going to benefit you in any way. Tests have been carried out on some curtain laths that have been imported and it has been found that the foam inside is missing reducing strength and thermal performance of the lath. If you don’t believe us why not ask the retailer for a sample of the door finish, so that you can take a closer look.

A Cheap Door Provides Poor Security

Cheaper doors which are supplied with cheaper security components are not going to stand up against the threat on an unauthorised intruder gaining access to the garage space. Don`t believe us? Watch the videos below to see how easy they can be broken into compared to a more secure designs such as the SeceuroGlide roller garage door.

Roller Doors Ltd – Trusted UK Suppliers of Brand Name Garage Doors at a Realistic Price

Time and time again we get customers who ask for a quote then say they can get the same product elsewhere for £500 - £700 cheaper than our price. So to set the record straight once and for all, just because 2 doors look identical it does not mean they are made in the same way or that they offer the safe level of strength, durability and performance.

Nor does it mean that the door will be compliant with safety legislation (unbelievably we have had customers in the past say they don’t care about this but we can assure you that if somebody is injured as a result of you fitting the door knowing it does not comply with the law it will render you liable for prosecution).

Here are some examples of how some less reputable manufacturers slash prices without you knowing how they do it. However in our opinion by changing the spec of the door the quality is vastly reduced and you are in effect having the wool pulled over your eyes.

  • Use a motor with a 12 month guarantee
  • Only supply 1 x remote control instead of the industry standard of 2 x handsets
  • Remove the manual override (or charge extra for it)
  • Reduce the size of the barrel
  • Remove the safety edge
  • Have a smaller, thinner and weaker lath profile
  • Use smaller guides
  • Remove the second spring or safety brake
  • Call it remote control but make it in a way that it can only operate on a hold to run basis
  • Seceuroglide Garage Door
    Burgundy Seceuroglide Excel
    Vision Windows
    Seceuroglide locking maechanism
    Seceuroglide white paint finish
    Seceuroglide insulated garage door endplates

    Summary of what to consider when buying a new roller garage door

  • Buy only from a reputable retailer
  • Find out what the guarantees and safety features you are going to be provided with
  • Ask the retailer for a sample of the door finish
  • To conclude, the only way to make a cheap roller garage door that is hundreds of pounds cheaper than most suppliers is to reduce the quality of components.
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