SeceuroShield 38 Roller Shutters

Continental Style Extruded Aluminium Security Shutters for Windows and Doors

If you are looking for a high quality roller shutter that will provide an effective means of securing windows, doorways, serving hatches or any other vulnerable opening that needs protection against the threat of theft, stock loss and criminal activity then the SWS SeceuroShield 38 Security Shutter is a great investment for any property owner.

Designed for many residential and commercial applications this great value continental style roller shutter features a twin walled extruded aluminium curtain that is lightweight to operate whilst retaining enough strength to provide a secure physical security barrier that will help protect your valuable assets.

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SeceuroShield 38 Security Roller Shutter Specification

  • Made in the UK to a market leading standard to ensure optimum levels of performance
  • Designed for medium security installations
  • Rust resistant twin wall 38mm x 9mm extruded aluminium curtain (8kg m2)
  • Continental style shutter box and guides feature compact parts for a less obtrusive appearance
  • Flexible installation configurations
  • Spring loaded manual option or electric operation
  • Conforms to all current safety legislation
  • Powder coated in a choice of white, black or brown as standard with the further option of finishing the shutter components to any RAL colour
  • Can be fitted inside or outside the building
  • Available in made to measure sizes up to 4000mm in width
  • Can be used in conjunction with the SeceuroVison 38 to allow partial vision through the shutter curtain
  • Method of Operation

    Depending upon your requirements the SeceuroShield 38 roller shutter is available in a choice of manual or electric operation.

    Manual Opening Shutters: These are spring assisted to aid the user during operation and as a result are lightweight to operate making them a popular option where a small opening needs securing. They feature a centre mounted lock with integral locking bars within the bottom lath of the curtain therefore do not need to be fixed down onto any kind of counter top or similar surface.

    Electric Roller Shutters: Where larger openings need to be secured or there is a requirement for a more convenient means of operation the SeceuroShield 38 can be specified with a smooth, quiet and reliable tubular motor. Control comes in the form of a key switch, rocker switch, remote control or group commander. There is also the further option of a anti drop device is the shutter is to be fixed over a doorway and in instances where the shutter provides the only means of entering and exiting the building a manual release can also be specified.

    control options for manual roller shutter doors
    control options of electric roller shutter doors including key switch, remote control and rocker switch operation

    To obtain a quote or for more information about our physical security products call 0844 804 5577 and we will be on hand to provide help & support. Alternatively email your enquiry to

    Why Choose the SeceuroShield 38 Roller Shutter?

  • You want a UK manufactured product with a great warranty
  • You require a physical security solution that will have a minimal impact on the aesthetics of the space you need to secure
  • You need to achieve a medium level of security within a commercial environment or a high level of security within a residential setting
  • You want to have the option of manual or electric opening and closing
  • You need an affordable means of securing valuables without compromising on performance, reliability and durability
  • You want ultra convenient wireless control via a remote handset or group commander
  • SeceuroShield 38 - Suitable for Many Residential & Commercial Applications

    Featuring a compact design the SeceuroShield 38 roller shutter is the preferred choice of many builders, architects and property owners throughout the UK. Suitable for virtually any domestic or commercial applications they are most often utilised in the following locations.

    Residential Properties – Excellent for securing windows, doorways, outbuildings and sheds.

    Offices – Great for restricting access to storage rooms, computers, files along with entrances and exits to and from the building.

    Bars, Serving Hatches and Kiosks – The compact components lend themselves well to been installed into smaller openings or where headroom and side room is limited.

    Storage Areas– The twin walled extruded aluminium curtain is strong, robust and more than capable of keeping your expensive assets safe and secure from the hands of criminals and vandals.

    Workshops – Where a superior level of aesthetic appeal is required they are a great alternative to the SeceuroShield 75 galvanised roller shutter door.

    Shop Fronts – When specified with punched slats the SeceuroVision allows window displays to remain visible outside of working hours without compromising on security.

    Need Help & Advice Ordering SWS SeceuroShield 38 Security Roller Shutters?

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  • To obtain a quote or for more information about our physical security products call 0844 804 5577 and we will be on hand to provide help & support. Alternatively email your enquiry to

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