SeceuroShield 150 Security Shutter

Manual & Electric Insulated Roller Shutters for Home & Business

Manufactured here in the UK to a market leading standard the SWS SeceuroShield 150 Roller Shutters feature a versatile continental design making them suitable for a variety of residential and commercial applications where a low to medium level of security is required. As a result they are commonly used within serving hatches, receptions, canteens, trade counters and over windows to provide solar shading to the inside of the building.

Constructed using twin walled insulated aluminium lath the curtain interlocks together to form a continuous barrier to the elements helping to cut down on heat loss and sound transference as well as providing a physical security deterrent to any person looking to carry out criminal activity.

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SeceuroShield 150 Security Roller Shutter Specification

  • Roll formed double skin insulated aluminium curtain
  • Designed for low to medium security applications within any residential or commercial environment
  • Manufactured in made to measure sizes up to a maximum over guide width of 3400mm
  • Can be fitted internally or externally
  • Provides solar shading combined with thermal and acoustic performance cutting down on heat loss and sound transference
  • Lightweight curtain is lightweight making the shutter easy to operate
  • Available in manual or electric operation to suit user requirements
  • Supplied in a choice of white or brown as standard
  • Method of Operation

    Depending on your requirements (and manufacturing size constraints) the SeceuroShield 150 insulated roller shutter is available in a choice of hand operated or automatic opening and closing.

    Manual Roller Shutters: Featuring a spring loaded barrel a manually operated shutter is simple to push or pull down by hand making them the perfect option for bars, serving hatches and kiosks. The integral locking bars and centre mounted lock provide ample security without the need to secure the curtain down onto any counter top.

    Electric Security Shutters: Fitted with a smooth and ultra reliable tubular motor an automatic shutter offers security, convenience and peace of mind. Controlled via numerous means including key switch, rocker switch and remote control the SeceuroShield 150 is the ideal choice for openings above ground level or where a large aperture needs to be secured. Additional options include a safety brake / anti drop device and manual release (to allow the user to operate the shutter by hand in the event of a power failure).

    control options for manual roller shutter doors
    control options of electric roller shutter doors including key switch, remote control and rocker switch operation

    To obtain a quote or for more information about our physical security products call 0844 804 5577 and we will be on hand to provide help & support. Alternatively email your enquiry to

    Why Choose SeceuroShield 150 Roller Shutters?

  • You want a UK manufactured product that you can rely on at an affordable price
  • You need to install a physical security product that has a minimal impact on the appearance of the opening.
  • You want to add shade to bright patio doors and windows
  • You want to make the building more energy efficient
  • You need a shutter to provide a lower level of security (such as areas already inside the building)
  • The size required does not exceed 3400mm in width

  • SeceuroShield 150 – Engineered for Domestic & Commercial Environments

    Suitable for many domestic and commercial settings the SeceuroShield 150 insulated roller shutter doors offer affordability, practicality and reliability making them one of our best selling products. Popular with homeowners, builders and architects alike the shutter will offer excellent performance in the following settings.

    Residential Properties: Provides thermal and acoustic performance to help cut down on heat loss from within the home.

    Offices: Offers an affordable way to secure internal storage spaces, computer equipment and reception entrances.

    Bars, Serving Hatches and Kiosks: Designed with reduced size components the shutter can be installed into restricted spaces often associated within a hospitality environment.

    Storage Units: The space saving design is perfect for securing the entrance to self storage unit lockers.

    Patio Doors & Large Windows: The insulated curtain can provide excellent levels of solar shading allowing the occupants to better regulate internal room temperatures.

    Unsure if the SeceuroShield 150 Insulated Roller Shutter is the right choice?

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  • To obtain a quote or for more information about our physical security products call 0844 804 5577 and we will be on hand to provide help & support. Alternatively email your enquiry to

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