Garage Door Safety

Protecting you from the Largest Moving Object in your Home

It is an often overlooked fact that the heaviest and largest moveable feature in most homes is the garage door. For most of their life we probably do not give this much thought until something goes wrong, but like any object that moves they are subject to wear and tear over the years and that can lead to a potentially dangerous situation if they are not maintained properly or used correctly.

Electric garage door fitted with all the required safety features to make it compliant with UK law.

Electric Garage Door Safety

Many garage doors are now fitted with automated electric opening systems which are operated by remote control. They work by either pushing a button inside the garage or by an infra red remote controlled device which can be used to open the door from the safety and security of your car when you arrive home.

  • It is very important that these controls are kept out of the reach of children, that the garage door complies with safety regulations and is fitted with a pressure-sensitive device which either halts the movement of the door or puts it into reverse should it come close to an object in its way.
  • Do not rely solely on photo cells as these do not conform to safety legislation and can seriously put you, your family and your car at serious risk or damage or injury. Ensure your door comes from a reliable supplier as many cheap doors do not have the pressure sensitive device but you may not realise until it is too late.
  • Make sure that whenever the garage door is being operated it is within your line of sight so you can foresee any dangers and warn anyone standing close by.
  • Garage Door Maintenance

    All types of garage door need to be checked regularly to ensure the mechanisms and fixings are not broken or worn. If the springs or cables become worn or broken this can lead to a door slamming shut unexpectedly and causing injury. Manually operated garage doors are subject to more wear as they do not move as smoothly as electrically operated models but both types need to be looked at regularly.

    Children and Garage doors

    Children are attracted to anything that moves and the movement of the garage doors opening and closing as if by magic can be fascinating to them. However it is essential that they are kept away from the door whilst it is moving and that they are never allowed to play with the remote or key controls. These must be kept well out of their reach at all times and the dangers to avoid injury from being trapped or knocked over.

    In closing your electric garage door can add to the comfort and security of your home so by installing one which complies with the latest safety regulations, maintaining it and operating it with care will ensure that safety is not compromised.

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